The AMERIA Touchfree solution on television

The AMERIA Touchfree solution on television

Without touching the desired result

They have been around for a long time: The touchscreens in the shopping centre with which customers can be shown the way or interact playfully.

These surfaces are simple and practical, but they lack one feature above all: hygiene. Especially in the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone has probably become aware of how many viruses there are on surfaces.

Who would want to touch a touchscreen without disinfecting it first? A touchless surface from AMERIA AG is therefore an easier solution. Artificial intelligence is improving more and more over the years, making these machines ever more innovative and, above all, interactive.  

Non-contact and yet completely precise

The fact that AMERIA AG's gesture-controlled device can function in this way is due to the cameras at the top and bottom of the monitor. These can recognise the customer's finger exactly. The sensors determine the position of the hand and interpret the movements based on artificial intelligence. These are then converted into a click.

It is important that the monitor is easy to operate. Thus, the operator does not need any training or introduction beforehand. AMERIA's gesture-controlled interface works simply and takes the user directly to the desired information.

AMERIA creates a 3D space

Albrecht Metter, founder and CEO of AMERIA AG in Heidelberg, explains the difference between the touchscreen and gesture-controlled touch technology.

With the touchscreen monitor, the customer touches a certain point and triggers something. The 3D space, on the other hand, is more interactive - for example, it can recognise objects in front of the screen that the user is holding in his or her hands. With a swipe gesture, users can also turn pages in this way.

The young company sets a hygiene standard during the Corona period

The Corona Protection Point has already existed since spring 2020 and is thus considered the starting point for a new way of thinking. Its task: It displays current information on the Covid 19 situation and at the same time offers a disinfection dispenser at the info terminal.

The reason for the effective interaction of the devices is "machine learning", which works together with cloud-based algorithms and is constantly improving along the way.

The areas of application of the contactless screen are, for example:

  • Orientation (finding specific shops or the toilets in the shopping centre)
  • Entertainment (betting game)
  • Information (about the city, event highlights)

The motto is therefore: As few touches as possible to achieve maximum safety for the user.

AMERIA AG from Heidelberg is the world market leader for integrated gesture control, setting the standard for Touchfree interaction with screens. The simple and intuitive handling delights customers and users. AMERIA technology is already being used by retailers, consumer goods manufacturers and at trade fairs and events. Many other areas of application can be found in industry, gastronomy, the public sector, healthcare and the automotive industry. The great flexibility of Touchfree Solutions by AMERIA® allows integration with screens of any size, both computer monitors and TVs, as well as tablets and smartphones, and even projectors.

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For almost 20 years, AMERIA has been supporting international brands with solutions for customer loyalty and innovative marketing. Our focus is on a new form of interaction between man and machine: Touchfree Interaction. What unites us all and makes us an unbeatable team is our passion for innovation.