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Virtual Promoter

Life-size interaction that draws people in and grabs their attention.

With the life-size Virtual Promoter reacting automatically to passers-by and the possibility of virtual human interaction, maximum attention is guaranteed. The life-size, gesture-controlled screen is perfect for presenting your products or brand.

Stopping power for your next show
Impress with life-size, gesture control and special, interactive content.
Attention magnet for your promotion
Actively encourage your customers to interact and create a first-class experience.

"AMERIA is able to engage the customer at the PoS and generate the right data we need to move the customer into the online buying process. This is a very strong and profitable partnership for us, but most importantly for our customers."

Markus Reischl
Markus Reischl
former Vice President Customer Experience Sales, SAP SE

"Working with AMERIA allows us to provide best in class customer engagement solutions for congresses and events."

Dr. Andreas Reinbolz
Dr. Andreas Reinbolz
Managing Director, Communications Germany, Syneos Health

The ecosystem for easy management and integration.

The AMERIA Cloud ecosystem gets you started right away. Create and manage your content and generate valuable data. Or integrate with the system you are already running.

Virtual Promoter
Virtual Promoter

So easy to use, we won’t even call it Plug & Play.

In a world of complex systems, easy integration is key. The AMERIA Virtual Promoter can be quickly put up and only needs internet and a regular power connection.

Get your brand and product assets future ready & interactive.

No content? No problem! We got you covered with our content packages ranging from customizable games to adaptable templates. If you want to go fully custom, our creative team is ready to support for the best user experience possible.


Customize apps from our content database. Include logos, images, videos, etc.


Choose a template and get started.


Work with our creative consultants to build your own content concept.


Go fully individual with own games & experiences using platforms like Unity or Unreal.

Shop the Virtual Promoter. Starting at € 24,990

With the life-size Virtual Promoter and the possibility of virtual human interaction, maximum attention is guaranteed.

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