The alternative to touchscreens

The alternative to touchscreens

igital signage - interaction without touch

According to a survey, 73 percent of respondents are convinced: customers will also want to use touch-free technology in the future. And even 80 percent of the respondents think that touch screens are not hygienic enough.

Ultraleap - a developer of non-contact technology for surfaces - has come to these conclusions, picking up on a trend that has been around not just since the Corona pandemic. But one that has been heightened by the change in mindset. And it is precisely these findings that fit the basic idea of AMERIA AG: away from touchscreens and towards gesture control.

A new consciousness is emerging

Unlike in theory, touchless surfaces have not yet arrived everywhere in practice. So the "touchless" movement is still in its infancy. Until now, it was common to touch surfaces in everyday life. Be it to get a ticket for the train or to search for something on the smartphone.

In many people's minds, touch is still too firmly anchored. Only gradually is this touch technology now being replaced with a more innovative solution: The contactless alternative, like that of AMERIA AG.

Language, gesture, gaze...

While the market is still somewhat observing the current changes, there are already many other young companies like AMERIA AG that are designing gesture-, voice- or gaze-controlled options. Intel's Mid-Air Haptics technology, for example, uses ultrasound to recognise user interactions even before actual contact and react accordingly.

The customer thus virtually thinks that he is receiving tangible feedback.

AMERIA AG is therefore pleased to be in contact with further such advances.

With this in mind, AMERIA AG offers gesture control and has developed, for example, a Corona Protection Point that functions as a combination of info terminal and disinfectant dispenser.

Furthermore, the Virtual Promoter is available to users as a life-size display. Whether it's a photo box or interactive customer communication, the Virtual Promoter can be used in a variety of ways. And it is completely contactless.

With a voice command to order

The voice-activated interfaces are also increasingly the focus of attention. Users no longer even have to use their hands to place an order. One example is the manufacturer Sodaclick, which has developed a voice-controlled digital signage method for kiosks or drive-throughs.

The Sodaclick Voice System uses Intel technology and RealSense cameras to learn more and more. The device recognises several languages and virtually "sees" when a person is standing in front of the surface.

In the future, AMERIA AG would like to work with many more partners and their exciting technologies to improve the efficiency of gesture control in general.

One look is enough

Last but not least, gaze tracking also comes into play. Not only can surfaces be controlled with a glance to the right or left. Entrepreneurs can also better assess where the customer's interest lies. If the customer looks very long and intensively at a certain area, the device stores this information. This data is then passed on to the company.

AMERIA AG is convinced that eye tracking will steadily advance, as will voice and gesture control.

In this way, advertising content can be better personalised. One example of this is the NUIA system technology from 4tiitoo. This should also optimise office processes in the future.

4tiitoo wants to create the workplace of the future with the help of intuitive eye control. The user simply looks at the area that he would otherwise click on with the mouse. This saves them time, reduces pain in the hand and, what's more, gaze control is supposed to be more fun than clicking.

AMERIA AG from Heidelberg is the world market leader for integrated gesture control, setting the standard for Touchfree interaction with screens. The simple and intuitive handling delights customers and users. AMERIA technology is already being used by retailers, consumer goods manufacturers and at trade fairs and events. Many other areas of application can be found in industry, gastronomy, the public sector, healthcare and the automotive industry. The great flexibility of Touchfree Solutions by AMERIA® allows integration with screens of any size, both computer monitors and TVs, as well as tablets and smartphones, and even projectors.

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For almost 20 years, AMERIA has been supporting international brands with solutions for customer loyalty and innovative marketing. Our focus is on a new form of interaction between man and machine: Touchfree Interaction. What unites us all and makes us an unbeatable team is our passion for innovation.