AMERIA in Intel's IT Manager Briefing

AMERIA in Intel's IT Manager Briefing

With the help of AMERIA's gesture control to more cleanliness

Dirt, viruses, bacteria. All of these can be found on touchscreens in shopping centres. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, however, it is so important to pay attention to hygiene and clean surfaces.

But this problem can also be circumvented completely.

With the help of AMERIA AG's gesture control, no one has to touch public touchscreens to get advice or information. The touch-free option is the future, which is only accelerated by the current pandemic.

The vast majority of customers are convinced that public-access touchscreens transmit diseases and are generally unhygienic. Unlike the smartphone, people are now disgusted by public surfaces. Touch is generally more avoided, and even after the pandemic, this pattern of thinking is likely to be maintained.

An artificial intelligence that keeps improving

AMERIA's gesture-controlled devices are multifunctional thanks to 5G connectivity, sensors and artificial intelligence. The manufacturer Intel is also pursuing the goal of multifunctional technology.

Together with AMERIA, Intel thus wants to replace the already existing information terminals with gesture-controlled devices in the long term. The goal: to prepare companies for the future. AMERIA AG would also like to work with other exciting partners in the future to ensure that users are protected from illness.

Interacting through language

AMERIA AG finds the development of voice control just as effective as it is innovative against this background. Customers could call up suitable screen contents with their speech or a question alone. This is especially feasible for self-service kiosks or drive-ins.

Products can use artificial intelligence as well as a multilingual recognition system. This way, the respective device knows when a person is standing in front of it and can react accordingly.

One look makes it possible

In addition, the screen can provide the company with important data through eye-tracking. Retailers can find out how long and where the customer's gaze has been.

Of course, there are still one or two obstacles, such as background noise, which can reduce speech recognition. But AMERIA AG is certain that technology will continue to develop in this area.

AMERIA AG from Heidelberg is the world market leader for integrated gesture control, setting the standard for Touchfree interaction with screens. The simple and intuitive handling delights customers and users. AMERIA technology is already being used by retailers, consumer goods manufacturers and at trade fairs and events. Many other areas of application can be found in industry, gastronomy, the public sector, healthcare and the automotive industry. The great flexibility of Touchfree Solutions by AMERIA® allows integration with screens of any size, both computer monitors and TVs, as well as tablets and smartphones, and even projectors.

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For almost 20 years, AMERIA has been supporting international brands with solutions for customer loyalty and innovative marketing. Our focus is on a new form of interaction between man and machine: Touchfree Interaction. What unites us all and makes us an unbeatable team is our passion for innovation.